(short) BIO

Dimi is a first-year university student studying how to get an ethical slice of the consumerism consuming society. She is a daughter of God, writer, reader, and dancer. Many of her favorite novels are what she would call ‘middle grade masterpieces’. In her free time, she enjoys fluffy rugs, bread, and liberally dousing items in Lysol. You can find her eating good food, laughing, or trying not to waste words on newbee, her corner of the internet. 


Greetings! Thank you for stumbling across my patch of the internet. 

I am Dimi, a joyful daughter of Christ, passionate homeschool graduate, college student, avid reader, dancer and writer. 

I don’t know exactly what I want to be when I grow up, but I do know I want to be a mover for His kingdom. On my blog, newbee, I explore career growth as a writer, marketer and entrepreneur all whilst pursuing God’s will first.  

Check in biweekly for fresh, nuanced, godly insights on the world barreling at a brand-new college student. Topics will include writing, reading, the subject of lifelong learning, and most of all how to maintain godly behavior as a young adult in the middle of a broken world. 


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