Why You Should Read This Blog.

1 | To grow as a storytelling disciple 

…recognizing God in the fantastic stories He gives us. 

At 5 years old, I was a lab rat.  

My favorite babysitter was a teacher in training, and seeing the upright young lady she was, my mother was pleased to allow her to practice what she was learning on me.  

She taught me to play card games I had never heard of, read me countless books, furthered my reading skills, and played deep roleplay games of kitchen. The most exciting thing she did, however, was write my story. 

And no, I don’t mean that in a metaphorical way. Okay, to be specific, she helped me write my first story. 

It was a miniscule thing, on a limp half sheet of notebook paper, paraded in crayon wax and with a drawing taking up a third of it, but it was mine! Anna wrote my words down for me as I narrated it aloud, and it was the first time I even realized anyone could do such a thing, making their imaginations tangible. She helped me discover storytelling, the crafting and capturing of stories, which I love so much. 

Reading has brought me much happiness throughout my life, and now, as a developing writer, I’d like to share that joy with you. Whether it be through godly life lessons, adulting tips, literal ways to improve your life (habit tracking and selflessness) or a delightful story (my short stories and novels), I want to connect with you.  

Words are powerful tools to wield for the kingdom of Christ. I invite you to join me as learn how to use them excellently. 

2 | To stay persistent… 

…through the challenges the world throws at any young person, upright or ambitious. 

I would like to challenge the idea that godly insight isn’t useful for ambitious young people, trying to further His Kingdom and grow their own careers.  

As I enter college in this 21st century, I know it will be a challenge to stay rooted and put Him first, when everything urges students like me to join the worldly rat race.  

Join me as I both question and dive into my worldview as a follower of Christ, stay strong as a lifelong learner, an identity that came effortlessly from being homeschooled, and find His goodness in the earth around me. 

3 | To have a friend… 

…as you grow your identity in Christ. 

Made in Him, joyful in Him. Discovering God’s story for the earth and myself is a lifelong pursuit for everyone, and I’d like to accompany you on your particular path. I believe we’re bound by the singular factor; we’re all heading into the goodness God has planned for us. 

Why? I want to meet readers who are like me, people like you, who enjoy gaining understanding and applying it in wisdom. 

As you explore my blog, please comment and click wherever you like. I want to hear your own thoughts, your thoughts on my thoughts, and your questions! 

4 responses to “Why You Should Read This Blog.”

  1. The riding style you possess is generally interesting to read. You write in a way that isn’t dry but the topic of why to read this blog isn’t convincing. The title at least has to be a attention capturing and the begining sentences have to convince the reader to continue reading. Although it was interesting, I think you could have encouraged interest more. Also blogs in general are hard for me to read especially consistently so try to write more about the contents and exciting events or things to look forward to in this blog that will convince readers to a. Stay connected and b. Enjoy reading it. Also the beginning sentences and paragraphs were attention grabbing but honestly I’m just harping on the title.

    1. Thank you! I will definitely aim to go more in-depth and develop why you should read this blog!

  2. I’m excited to read the articles you’ll be posting on your blog. Quite an interesting introduction.

    1. I’m excited to read your comments! Thank you.

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