the dawn of a concert choir

voices may be the best instruments

used delicately

used gently 

preferably not aggressively 

Recently, I went to watch a friend in a concert choir. I had no idea what to expect and little idea of what a concert choir actually was. The words seem straightforward enough. Concert + Choir. 

I had been seeing a lot of acapella lately, so I was unconsciously expecting something similar, a small gaggle of students, looking chic, singing rearranged contemporary music that I couldn’t quite hear the beauty of because we were outside. 

My university has made me realize acapella is truly one of the best ways to go. Good acapella can move a soul, much like normal music. It’s safe to say that I underestimated its power before. 

I was so clueless about the nature of the event, that I was surprised when I discovered it was in the official concert hall, not a small theater in an academic building. I was late, lost, and almost giving up. I was astonished when I finally found the venue, and pleased as a found a seat. There was an organ, and lots of velvet. 

It was incredibly elegant. The whole performance was ethereal; it relaxed me into another level of existence.  

When the audience began to clap around me, my mind swimming blissfully among the noise, it was like reality crashed back in. Surreal

It had the same effect of a good book, prompting the suspension of my disbelief. I’m no music expert, but it seemed so excellent, I thought it could be fiction. While listening to their voices, I could pretend life wasn’t more than blue sky and me. 

That’s how it made me feel. Like floating. I think that’s been a recurring theme on newbee. The positive connotation of feeling as though floating. When I say this, I mean that I feel so happy, so joyful, that I forgot any burdens.  

I think this is how God wants us to feel when rejoicing in His goodness. Especially since he’s taken all our burdens. 

Sometimes, I still doubt reality, hesitant to put full faith in my perception. Performances like this are helpful. They define that crashing split between my soul/spirit/personality and the physicality of our world, helping me to give more credibility to my perception. 

The choir performed Five Hebrew Love Songs, when the bass singers came in, it felt like mourning. Then, the sopranos and altos came in with a joyful, dancing melody that heavily contrasted with the heavier somber tone. One of the final songs in Five Hebrew Love Songs began with many bums. It was beautiful, a chorus of harmonies and musical moments. 

In my opinion, all the epiphanies included above are part of why you should attend a performance, a display of art, at least once a year. 

Free or not. I won’t deny my privilege to access these things, and I know they are luxuries.  

However, if you can, attend do so. It’s good for you.  

Just zone out to the violinist. Relax and indulge in their talent. They like it. You’ll like it (if you relax). What’s to lose? 

I’m curious about you. Have you ever watched a professional performance? (dance, music, art) What shows do you want to watch? What’s your favorite or least favorite thing about being in the audience?

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