Main Character Syndrome (part iii)

(how to recognize God before yourself and others) 

3 | The Cure 

The fine line between shining our light in His light and shining our light for ourselves is so fine I hallucinate it. Asking God in the moment is hard, but it’s ultimately the solution. 

Hear what Peach has to say about Percy Jackson’s grapple with M.C.S.: “He was just pissed for a while until he figured it out and he was like, oh I’m not the hero.” 

We are made in His image. We were made to glorify Him. And that is a lot to handle, when we aren’t in love with God and his character. I’ll be honest, my soul, completely righteous in Christ, is in love with Him.  

However, my flawed self, the one that needs renewing every day, does not feel in love. So, it feels hard to know that my entire existence is for His glory. 

I think this is because the idea is that we exist to serve means we can’t enjoy. At least, in my perception. Being a servant, or being made to glorify, means caring only for the object of your glory. 

Good news! God is a good God. God cares for what you care, and here cares about your emotions. Ultimately, it’s hard to wrap your head around. That’s ultimate selfless love. Despite us being made to glorify Him, he cares for us ultimately, and us being happy and creative and productive is glorifying Him, only much amplified when we give credit where credit is due. 

The glory goes to God. 

What’s your gift? How do you (or can you) give God fame for creating you wonderfully in His Image? 

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