the curves of your Rs and gapes of your As

(on handwriting)

Did you know you can make money with your handwriting? Yeah, it’s good stuff with lots of potential to make bank. It’s called calligraphy. 

I was made, instructed, and taught cursive handwriting till 6th grade, where I was then allowed to practice on more reasonable basis (not daily). 

Among homeschooled friends, this was common. After all, cursive is the natural script of the traditional, well raised Southern Christian Belle. Not a flex. 

Among strangers, it was a marvel to shine on paper. Kids I met from public school and adults outside my school community always gasped and acted like our handwriting was abnormal (in a good way).

Oh, what my little hand could do, to dazzle you with ds and the zigs of a z. And oh, don’t’ forget, the capital letters were just the best. It was a nice feeling, the compliments and stares at my simple written word, and I won’t deny it did things to my confidence.

To this day, the beauty of my capital D will shock you, guarantee. 

However, maybe it was more important that I focus on why. Why was cursive so rare among my peers? Why was it special?

Core Question | Is handwriting not part of the federal core curriculum? 

I’m not horrified. I assure you, not horrified here. In a total state of non-horror.

I just… think it’s a loss if it’s not commonly taught. Handwriting teaches fine motor skills and helps kids to see the beauties that their hands can create. 

Maybe it’s just me and all writers and our obsessions with words. I still enjoy writing by hand every day, even if it is not in cursive. Each letter is an artful creation. 


There are languages out there that have no written form. 

Oh, I can only imagine the agony. Trying to express yourself and keep a handheld version of what you say, with no… form to use. Disastrous. (I’m very clearly biased.)

Hands are masterpieces of engineering design. Humans did not come up with this bit of genius. 

Give God the glory!

Take Action!

Compliment somebody on their handwriting. Compliment yourself. Take care of your hands, use lotions and keep them warm. Cut your nails and soften the calluses, if you can afford to. Marvel at what you can make that praises the Lord with those hands he gave you. Your hands are a work of art that are capable of creating even more art. It’s a fine art cycle. 

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