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Sometimes, after realizing I’ve been doing something particularly self-centered, I wonder, “Was that just a general ‘people-are-prideful’ people thing, or is it extra ‘me-being-American’ pride?” 

I know that there’s maybe statistically no difference in the pride levels of American citizens and those of other countries, but I’ve heard it a lot. “America thinks it’s the center of the world.” (No comment on whether that is true or not, but I would like to pose the qualifying question, “In what sense?”) 

Regardless of the numbers, think about it. What if God designed country personality profiles like players in a game. (Only it’s History) Maybe, he was going down the ‘Trait’ categories and came across Pride. 

And, what if, He saw that checkmark and decided to add some on, since our entire country is already an experiment of sorts. While designing our nationality mix, he could have been talking to Jesus, like, “Oh, and an extra dollop of ego, would you? I need someone to enjoy bragging about how beautiful I made them.” 

Just to assure you that I’m not sincerely that farfetched, I’d like to include a disclaimer. I don’t think this really, I don’t believe God designed us with flaws originally or ever, but it’s still amusing to imagine. 

A lesson (for Takeout)

Don’t worry.

That’s the lesson: don’t worry. Wow! It’s shockingly simple, and yet somehow unhelpful.

It’s like saying be smart. A vague piece of advice that looks a million different ways in every kind of situation.

My advice is to first plan, and then silence your mind. I used to believe that planning in worry was a benefit of worrying, and hence, worrying was good. I still think that worrying can drive you to plan things better, but I no longer see the nonexistent overlap.

A friend shared this verse with me and it’s been extremely grounding. It worked like a nice cold slap to my cheeks as I finished out finals this week (In a refreshing sort of way, trust me).  

Entrust your efforts to the Lord,  and your plans will succeed. 

Proverbs 16:3, God’s Word

Worry causes anxiety and anguish. These are not gifts from the Lord. Planning is a skill He’s given us to use wisely, creating something we can get His advice on and put away when it’s time to rest.

If you’re worrying too much, ask God to bless it. Put your plans (or lack of plans) into His hands and banish worry from the premises. You are a child of God. You’re too spiritually treasured, blessed and rich to be experiencing worry, for real. 

Where can you hand things to Christ? 

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