Short Story: Weakness of the Week

Note to Readers: I’ll be taking next week off to celebrate Christmas!  

I’ll see you back on the third!

This is a chapter called…

Ancient Beginnings 

“Tomorrow is my driver’s test. I canceled it three times. I practiced parallel parking 4 months ago.” She licked her lips. “Am I doomed?” 

A fist hit the table. “Of course not.”  

The second girl frowned. “You have a fair chance, if you don’t screw yourself over.” 

Her forehead drooped. “Then I’m doomed.” 

“Calm down, I’m sure—” 

“Don’t tell me to calm down. I’m perfectly rational in this conclusion.” She sat up. “It’s all too risky.” She began to pace. “Did you know that—” 

“Let me stop you there.” Another fist banged down. “I’m not going to listen to another spiel on the statistics of teenage mortality and drunk driving.” 

“Yeah, we get. You made us donate to MADD.” 


“No buts. We went and volunteered too.” 

“Well, I don’t think it was enough.” 

“At this rate, you’ll never think anything is enough.” 

“She never does anyways.” 

“Well, I had a little hope this time!” She lifted her hands. “Is that so wrong of me?!” 

“Yes.” The girl plopped back into her seat. “Everyone knows hope is undependable.” 

Especially when she’s involved.” 

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