chapter two

Read Part 1 first.

2 hours later, the test has been completed.

Ancient Fractions


“Well, she took the test.” 

“And? You’ve not come in with burn scars so I’m feeling hopeful.” 

She crossed the room, drumming her fingertips on the side of a table. 

“Could it be?” Ashe continued the musing to herself. “Is there a chance that the illustrious clumsy Carly passed?” 

She stood straighter. “There’s a chance.”  


She nodded blankly, looking back to the table. 

“For real?” A note of terror in Ashe’s voice broke through. The floor screeched as metal scratched metal and she pushed her chair back. 

“For real.” 


“She didn’t pass.” 

“Get to the point Rochelle, I’ve been waiting for hours!” 

“They put her on a wait-list.” 

“Can you repeat that?” 

“They put her on a wait-list. She’s the first addition in 47 years.” 

“Well, what does it mean?” 

She shrugged, cracking her neck both ways. “It means that she’s a maybe.” 

“Well, how long does it take to get the results? Please explain, and with a little haste Rochelle, please. Actually,” Ashe stood to her feet, pushing the chair in, “I’d like to speak to her directly now.” 

Rochelle froze as if manually paused. Then her shoulders came down continuing their descent of a shrug. “Okay.” 

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